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Must see! This can be your best holiday ever!!

This can be your best holiday ever, probably your most memorable!

Until a few years ago, this island was inaccessible. Now this small green treasure amid the deep blue waters of Tasmania though. Formerly an artist housed here, but all his impulses are around to maximize creativity. It therefore has something magical with nature in all its purity. Let’s hope this continues and that tourism not destroy this place.

Besides the wild nature, the island also offers shelter to various beasts such as deer, quail and pheasants. Dolphins jumping out of the water and albatross birds pooping on the beach.

The island feels like a private park, where nature is celebrated and protected.

No Dubai practices
Satellite Island and all its associated treasures are now exhibited to the world. Indeed, it is possible to celebrate holidays with eighteen friends. Yes, you will be dropped off by helicopter. No, it’s not a Dubai-like scenes. The island takes you back to basics. There is no five-star chef which serves truffle caviar and gold leaf for cooking, you catch your fish yourself. Used kayaks for the ridiculous hunt to eat oysters. Of course you may still pouring champagne over here. The island is also equipped with two cabins: The Summer House and The Boathouse. It is only possible to book the whole island and to the fullest throughout the island to take in. Don’t forget your ax along to gather wood for the campfire.

This is probably your most memorable and best holiday ever.

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